Canby's Cross

California State Historic Landmark 110

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#110 Canby's Cross
General E. R. S. Canby was murdered here in April, 1873, while holding a peace parley under flag of truce wuth Captain Jack and Indian chiefs. Rev. Eleazer Thomas, Peace Commissioner, was likewise treacherously slain.

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Lava Beds National Monument, 0.5 mi E of N entrance, 8.3 mi S of Tule Lake. Plaques located at SE and NW corners of the intersection of Hwy 139 (PM 44) and Co Rd 141, Newell.

GPS coords:
Site: 41° 49.094 N/121° 32.607 W
Plaque 1: 41° 52.780 N/121° 21.945 W
Plaque 2: 41° 52.692 N/121° 21.779 W

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