California Theatre

California State Historic Landmark 86

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On this site January 18, 1869 the California Theatre built by William C. Ralston opened with the following stock company - John McCullough - Lawrence Barrett - Harry Edwards - Willie Edouin - E B Holmes - William Mestayer - John T Raymond - W F Burroughs - W H Sedley Smith - John Wilson - Edward J Buckley - Mrs Judah Emelie Melville - Elizabeth Saunders - Annette Ince - Marie E Gordon - Sophie Edwin - Minnie Walton - Julia Buckley
This theatre remained a brilliant center of drama until August 11 1888. Among artists who played here were - Charles W Couldock - Edwin Adams - John Broughan - Edwin Booth - Barton Hill - Walter Montgomery - Mrs O P Bowers - Adelaide Neilson - Lotta Crabtree

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No site exists.
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430 Bush St between Kearny and Grant, San Francisco.

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